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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bad about blogging

Lately, I've been bad about blogging.  So, a quick update is needed.  Coops had 2 doctor appointments on Wednesday.  He had ophthalmology in the morning.  Things seem good there.  The glasses are helping.  His eyes are crossing a little less.  BUT, he may still have to have surgery.  We go back Sept. 28 for one last appointment, and if he thinks he needs surgery, it's looking like it will happen at the same time as his other surgery on Oct. 6.  So, bad that he might have to have surgery, but good that if he does, they'll work it out so he only has to have anesthesia once.  That afternoon, he has a surgery clinic follow-up appointment.  All is well there!  No problems with the button!

This weekend was crazy!  Our good friend Brian came into town Friday afternoon.  We all went to dinner that evening, then watched ridiculous TV (Hoarders) and just caught up with him.  The next day, we went down to the Farmers Market, then had lunch at Flying Fish, where I got a yummy shrimp kabob.

We then drove around and showed Brian some of our favorite places in LR before getting frozen yogurt at Yogurt Mountain.  Cooper REALLY liked the frozen yogurt!  He would open his mouth really wide when he saw the spoon coming!  So cute (and I'm glad he's old enough that he can eat stuff like that!).

Late that afternoon, we came back to the house and made cupcakes (Brian's first time to do so).  He left about 3:30, giving Brad and I plenty of time to get ready for the big Manhattan Party last night.  We got a babysitter (!) and had a great time last night.  Today, Cooper is having a photo shoot for his first birthday.  Can't wait!!

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