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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yesterday, Cooper had an EEG and a neurology clinic appointment.  For an EEG, a nurse has to put a bunch (I think 24) electrodes on his head.  First, she measures and draws with a marker where the electrodes go.  Then, she puts a smelly glue on all of those spots.  Next, she sticks an electrode to those spots and uses an air gun to quickly dry the glue  Then she goes back and puts a drop of gel into each electrode.

Reminder from 6 weeks ago:

Cooper hates to have his head touched; he cries whenever they measure his head.  So this was awful.  None of it hurt him, but he screamed and cried and kicked throughout the whole process.  Then he went to sleep in my arms.  It was really sweet how calm he got when I picked him up.  At one point, I had to move from a hospital bed to a rocking chair.  So the nurse took him from me, so I could move.  As soon as the nurse picked him up, he started screaming again.  When I got him back, he immediately stopped.  Guess he really does know who mama is!!

Then we saw the neurologist.  It is good that Cooper's spasms are less intense and that he is having less of them; however, they should be gone.  Until that happens, his EEG's will look abnormal.  So, we have once again upped his medicine dose.  He will be really tired for the next week or so.  If they haven't gone away in a week, we have to call her and just go from there.  Pray this higher dose does the trick!!

Oh, and the baby glasses still aren't in.

1 comment:

MELANIE said...

Hopefully it'll work! Of course he knows his mama!!! :) I too, can't wait to see him in his little glasses.