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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy Weekend!!

We had a BUSY weekend!  Saturday morning, Brad, Cooper, and I got up at 8 and headed downtown to the Farmer's Market.  We got squash, squash blossoms, long beans, potatoes, plums, and zinnias.  We grabbed breakfast at a little coffee shop, then headed home to feed Cooper.  For lunch, we met up with our friend Jeff and his mom and sister who were in town for the weekend.  We ate at the Purple Cow, which is an amazing dinner/ice cream place.  That night, I hosted the "Whine and Cheese" Girls' Night.  It is for all the second year females plus all the wives/significant others.  12 people showed up and we had a great night snacking, drinking wine, and talking about how attractive the men from True Blood and Dexter are.  Sunday morning, we all went to church.  Then we headed downtown to Gusano's Pizzeria to watch the U.S. women play Japan in the World Cup final.  It was an exciting match with a very disappointing ending.  Tonight, we're going to watch the seventh Harry Potter movie, since Brad never got to see it in theaters and we're going to see the eighth one tomorrow night!!  I'm so exhausted from everything that I may not make it all the way through!

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