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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good Day

Cooper is in a GREAT mood today!  We haven't increased his medicine dose in over a week, so he is finally back to normal Cooper: talking, smiling, etc.  Every time we increase his dosage, he is so tired for at least a week.  It's great to have him be himself again!

Unfortunately, this mood will be short lived.  We have to start him on Topamax, a second anti-seizure drug.  This drug will again make him sleepy for a while.  Hopefully it won't take long for him to be back to his normal, happy Cooper self.


Kara Givens Paulk said...

He's getting so big! And so cute!

Katie said...

Oh, those curls! Love them.

MELANIE said...

He's HUGE!! Enjoy every second of the great days with that sweet boy! Hope the new meds kick in and he's back to his happy little self soon.

Mama/Linda said...

LOVE seeing him in the video - he's getting to be a big boy, too.