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Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Zoo

Last Saturday, Brad had the day off.  So we went to the zoo as a family!  It was super fun.  And again, thanks mom and dad for getting Semmes a zoo membership for his birthday!!

First, we saw the penguins (Brad's favorite)

Cooper was not impressed. 

Once again, the tiger cubs weren't out.  Even though the zoo's website claims they're out every morning between 9 and 11:30.  Boo.

Cooper's starting to warm up to the zoo now.

Those are leopards.  Promise.

Really cool snake with a rhinocerous nose.

Not sure why this picture is completely out of order...

Now, he's super happy!  Yay for the reptile room!!


Semmes had the run of this big room, so we let him at it.

Semmes or scarecrow? 

The geese were really interested in Semmes.  But there were about five signs warning that they bite, so we didn't let him get too close.

And every zoo visit includes a visit to their playground.  

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