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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cooper Happenings

A lot of stuff is going on with Cooper lately.  Good stuff.  Last week we had a medical home clinic appointment (a second pediatrician where we also see social work, nutrition, speech, psychology, etc.). In the last six months, Cooper has gained no weight, but he has gotten 2 inches taller.  So, yay!  There, we also discussed starting to give him fruits and vegetables through his tube in addition to the formula.  And it's officially a go (GI had to approve as well)!!  We'll start by just giving him an ounce or so a day and go from there.  Hopefully food will eventually replace a lot of the formula.

Pureed carrots.  We literally have to start at the beginning again.

In other, probably more exciting, news Cooper is continuing to take steps in therapy and today he stood on his own!  Go Cooper Go!!

While Cooper was at the doctor, Semmes went to a friend's house to play.  He had so much fun with his pal, Lincoln!  Thanks, Liz, for watching him for us!!  Several hours in a clinic room would not have been any fun for him.

Lincoln sitting in Semmes' lap; he was not impressed.

Overwhelmed by all the new-to-him toys.

Snacking on a cutie.

Fun in the kitchen!

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Kara Paulk said...

Yay!!! Go Cooper!!!