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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The birth story

At 37 weeks, I was already 3-4 cm dilated and 75% effaced.  My doc told me Semmes could come at any time.  But, since I apparently have a cervix of steel and Semmes was very much not interested in the whole being born thing, I just didn't go into labor.  I never really had any contractions, just small tightenings that didn't hurt.  I could have been induced on March 20, but that was the first day of Cooper's spring break and it just wasn't going to work with Brad's work schedule, so I waited and hoped everything would start naturally.

When I went in for my 39 week visit, on Brad's birthday, I had progressed even more to 5 cm.  My doc was on call that night and she said if I wanted to come in then I could have the baby that evening.  Luckily my parents were already coming into town, so we picked up Cooper from school a little early, Brad got off work, and we went to the hospital a little before 4 that afternoon.  We thought we'd have a baby by nine.  Unfortunately, nine other babies thought that evening would also be a good time to be born and L&D was packed!  It wasn't until 8 or so that I got an epidural and 9 before Dr. M broke my water.

**Side note, I will never have an epidural again.  It as miserable.  Last time, I was in the throws of labor pain and someone sticking a needle into my back was nothing compared to that pain.  This time, not so much.  Plus, it made me really sick and lightheaded, so much so that the doctor wasn't sure she wanted to break my water.  I just wanted the drugs to go away, so I convinced her to just do it.  Also, because I wasn't in pain, it didn't work right for the longest time.  And then afterward it just takes FOREVER for feeling and movement to come back to your legs.  So if there is ever a next time, I think I'm just going to deal with the few hours of pain and pushing.

Anyway, after that everything progressed quickly.  Brad was hoping that Semmes would share a birthday with him, but because we got started so late I didn't think that was going to happen.  Sure enough, I remember looking at the clock at 12:01 and telling Brad we had missed it (all this while actively pushing).  Semmes was born after 3 hours of labor and 30 minutes of pushing at 12:06.  So close to Brad's birthday, but I'm kinda glad he has his own day!

Semmes was 3 pounds heavier and 3 inches longer than Cooper was when he was born.  The first thing I remember thinking was how big he was!  Over 8 pounds is huge!  Also, he cried immediately, unlike Cooper, and his APGAR scores were both 9.  I got to hold him almost immediately after birth.  The pediatricians only spent a few minutes checking him over before they declared him just fine and went to check on another baby (like I said, ten born that night).  The only issue he had was that his glucose lever was 30, really low.  So they gave him 20 mL's of formula (the only formula he's had) and his level popped right back up.  So no issues.  He got to stay in the room with us the whole time!  Compared to the last one, it was very drama free!!

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