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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Similarities and Differences

Semmes is a much different baby than Cooper was.  For one thing, we've had him with us from day one.  He is much more vocal about the things he doesn't like than Cooper ever was.  But, like Cooper, once that dislike is gone, he's good.
Semmes HATES baths.  Cooper liked baths even in the NICU.  The nurses would sit his little butt in warm water and Cooper would immediately relax and become calm.  Semmes, on the other hand, doesn't stop screaming until you get him out of the water.  Not a fan.

Both boys have dimples on their right cheek, in pretty much the exact same spot.  We've only seen Semmes' a couple of times; he's still working on smiling.  They got the dimples from me.  Semmes also has a dimple in his chin, just like daddy.
Semmes is growing at a crazy rate.  WAY faster than Cooper ever grew.  He's already over 9 pounds.  He also LOVES to eat and is really good at it.  Cooper would eat for at least 45 minutes.  He was so slow.  Semmes is 15 minutes max and he's done.  He is also the gasiest baby, but it doesn't seem to bother him at all.

It is actually pretty hard to remember details from when Cooper was this small.  The mind works well in that regard; if people remembered all the gross, exhausting stuff from when their children were infants, they'd never have another one.  But really, it could be so much worse.  Like Cooper, Semmes is a great sleeper.  He's catching on to night and day pretty quickly.  Today, for example, he's actually been awake most of the day, so he should sleep really well tonight.  He goes 3-4 hours at night between feedings.  Pretty good!  That was about the same as Cooper was doing.

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