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Sunday, March 10, 2013


For the past few weeks, Cooper has been using a gait trainer.  His is called a Pony.  His physical therapist warned us when he first started using it that, since it is much easier to move backwards, it takes a while to learn how to go forward.  Some kids never figure it out, but just get really good at moving backward.  Also, Cooper has been known to have a bit of a lazy streak (faking sleep to get out of therapy, for example), so he might just hate it and refuse to use it.  Boy were we off.  He LOVES his Pony.  And, he is already starting to figure out how to go forward.  If you pull him forward in it, he takes actual steps, not any of that bouncing stuff he was doing in other walking devices.  We even brought it home last weekend and he spent most of the time running into cabinets in the kitchen.  It was amazing.  His PT has also told us that mobility of any kind, even more passive types like being pushed in a wheelchair, increase cognitive functioning.  So he's getting smarter while exercising!  Double yay! And now, for pictures:

They can put toys in front of him so he can stand and play.  Sometimes though he pushes them over and out of the way so he can move.

Also, he's doing more work with sitting independently in the classroom and playing with stuff.  He's also got a bit of a girlfriend.  One girl in his class calls him Coop and pushes his pony around.  Too cute.

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