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Friday, July 20, 2012

Pulmonary Issues (so not surprised)

LAST week, Cooper had a pulmonary visit.  A couple of things stuck out that were of concern to his doctor.  One, his pulse ox is in the mid-90's, but he doesn't have labored breathing at all.  So she is concerned that he has pulmonary hypertension (I thought the PDA closure was supposed to fix that!).  So Cooper has an echo scheduled for Thursday.  Two, his sleep study was abnormal.  So we got an x-ray of his neck.  The radiologist said that his adenoids are "prominent," so we're going to see Dr. B (the ENT) and see what he has to say.  Pray he doesn't have to have surgery.  I've heard it's a tough recovery.

In other news, Cooper is finally back to where he was therapy-wise before the two hospitalizations.  Yay!  So he is sitting and standing much better again.  Plus, he's back to eating solids and is slowly working his way back up to a higher volume.  And now, picture time!!

Cooper's new bib.  It covers everything, so it's awesome.  And look, he's smiling even though there is food in his mouth!!

Cooper standing on the Eiler's couch.  He did this for a while and was very proud of himself.

This was at 6:40 one night.  School plus no afternoon nap is tiring!! 

Cooper chewing on a toy with no hands.  Really?!

Cooper sitting up at school.  If anyone has one of those toys and isn't using it anymore, let me know.  Fisher Price discontinued them, so they are REALLY expensive on Amazon.


Katie said...

Look at that big boy standing! Hope he doesn't have to have surgery.

The Swap Shoppe said...

dr richter took my son barnes adenoids out at 5 months. he had a horrible sleep study result. the adenoidectomy was the BEST thing we ever did!! he was a whole new kid afterwards!! he had been 100% blocked and we didnt know so i think that has something to do with his developmental delays.
I have a small version of the toy you are asking about- look on my fb page in the photos under baby stuff for sale- i just have to look in the toy box for the piece that fits on it but i think it would owrk for yall! just let me know-