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Friday, September 5, 2014

18 month/4 year appointments

Wednesday, we had check-ups for both boys.  Cooper was asleep when we got there, woke up in the exam room, and immediately began screaming.  He stopped crying the minute we left the room.  Oh Cooper.  Semmes was not the biggest fan of having his head measured but was great other than that.

Semmes' measurements:

24.9 pounds (81st percentile, not surprising considering how much he eats)
32 inches tall (50th percentile)
head circumference is 19.5 inches (96th percentile, he has one HUGE head)

Cooper's measurements

38 inches (5th percentile)
36 pounds (50th percentile)

You see that percentile for his weight?  He is completely normal, weight-wise!!! OMG.  I feel like this is some sort of miracle.  Now if we could just get him to get a little taller...

All-in-all it was a completely unremarkable visit.  Semmes is completely normal, development-wise.  We hadn't seen Dr. Becton for Cooper in so long (yay!) that she couldn't believe how big he had gotten.  They're both doing just great!

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