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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Awesome things

My kids are awesome.  And they're doing lots of new things.  Semmes is waving goodbye and clapping when you tell him "good job" or say "yay!"  But the best (and cutest thing) is when you say, "Hello," he holds his hand up to his ear like it's a phone.  I must talk on my phone around him too much...

He has also started pointing at things when we ask him where they are: Cooper, me, Brad, and the catfish on the wall.  We have a folk art catfish on the wall between the living room and the kitchen and Semmes is obsessed with it.  No matter where he is in the house, he will point in the right direction when you ask him where the catfish is.

Cooper is doing lots of great things too.  He has discovered his feet and wants to play with them all the time.  At night, he grabs our arms and pulls himself toward us so he can snuggle (awesome).  In general, he has been in the best mood lately which is wonderful.  He smiles at people and is much better at acknowledging when people are around, especially "his people"  He still says "mama" all the time, but lately he's been saying "nonono" and shaking his head when he's doing something he doesn't like.  

Feeding wise, we're working on Cooper realizing that having food in his mouth is an enjoyable thing.  Se we're feeding him frosting.  And he loves it... as long as it's not on a spoon.  Baby steps.

The funniest thing that Cooper has done lately was yesterday.  We were at a friend's birthday party.  Everyone was outside on the playground and it was a little chilly and there were a lot of people around, so I think he was a little bored and a little overwhelmed.  So he went to sleep in my arms.  Or at least, that's what I thought he did.  But as soon as I put him down in his car seat, he opened his eyes and started laughing.  Little trickster: he faked sleep so we would leave!  This is not outside of his range of abilities; he's faked sleep during therapy for years.  Oh Cooper, he really keeps me on my toes!  

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