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Thursday, February 14, 2013


As you are all aware, I am very pregnant.  Like, due in 6 weeks pregnant.  So when it came to deciding what to give up for Lent, I was having a hard time.  I already gave up alcohol, unpasteurized cheese, sushi, raw/undercooked eggs (which includes hollandaise sauce), etc.  Usually Brad and I give up meat, which is really hard but surprisingly fun, but obviously couldn't do that this year.  Not sure how vegetarians/vegans do it when they're pregnant.  So, I was having a hard time.  Then I remembered that you could take up something for Lent.  And I remembered how much I've been slacking on the blogging.  Part of that is due to the utterly awful winter that Cooper has had disease-wise (entero-rhino virus, pneumonia, RSV, and the flu since October) that I really did not want to remember.  Part of that is due to my being pregnant and miserable, which I also have no desire to record for later.  But, with baby #2 quickly approaching and winter hopefully on its way out, I thought taking up blogging again would be a good thing for Lent.  So I'm back (hopefully).  And hopefully I will have many good things to share!

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Anne Schneider said...

Bless you & yours, Crady! Glad you're back to wishes and lots of love coming your way.