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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Dentist Appointment

This afternoon, Cooper had his first ever dentist appointment and he did great!  Brad and I also had cleanings, so the amazing staff at Eiler Family Dentistry kinda babysat Cooper while we got our stuff done.  We chose to take Cooper to Robin and not to ACH because he knows Robin well.  She and her family often babysit Cooper and they are close friends, so I thought it would be better if it was someone he was comfortable with.  I think he really liked the cherry flavored toothpaste they used.  And though I don't think he was the biggest fan of the spinning toothbrush or the mirror they used to examine him, he tolerated it with only a minimum of grumbling.  And now, pictures!!

This picture doesn't show his mood.  He liked the toothpaste, if not the toothbrush.

Robin examining him:

Yay!  We're finished!! 

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